I hope you enjoy the collection of memories we have gathered in our back country wanderings. These photos represent miles of off-trail traversing and account for days of solitude in search of the Ole Woolly Whitetail, and those pristine wilderness moments that keep us going back.

Logo by team member Matt Bernier
Still-Hunting Harvest
Beaver Dam Crossing, Nor MN
Pine Lake: Tamarac Wildlife Refuge; Nor-Central, MN
Pine Lake; Tamarac Refuge, MN

Missouri River; South Dakota
Montana; Joas Miller
Packing in; Bob Marshall Wilderness, Montana, Joas Miller
Bab Marshal Wilderness; Montana, Joas Miller
Montana moment; Joas Miller
Rainy Day Fishing: Round Lake, MN
Round Lake spring bass outing
Spring bass fishing on Round Lake
Rainy Day Outing: Round Lake
Cass Lake, MN
September outing with bow-hunting buddy & artist Matt Bernier.
Third Bay; Round Lake. “In my Father’s house are many mansions” (John 14:2).
Many Point Scout Camp: Round Lake, MN
Zipple Bay sunset; Lake of the Woods, MN
Minnesota wilderness lake; Schornack Studios
Many Point Scout Camp; MN
Ice out; Round Lake, MN
Northern Solitude; Shornack Studios
Frozen Beaver Pond
Packing out on a very cold day
Are you kidding me?!? -10 Degree Bow-Hunting!
The cold was my companion
Crappie & Bass time in the ice-shanty with pastor Kurt.
Minnesota Spring
An afternoons slow catch
Sheltered from the wind
Hard water fishing
Spring fog ice fishing; Tamarac Lake
Mississippi Headwaters; Matt Bernier
Shooting my new-to-me Hoyt Ultra-Mag
A Prairie Bow-hunt in Western Minnesota
Woodpeckers work
Forest engineer’s stay busy in the winter: Tamarac Wildlife Refuge
Winter scouting; Tamarac Wildlife Refuge, MN
Bob Cummings: Fine Oil Paintings
Beaver dam crossing; Sucker Creek, Round Lake township, MN
Sawmill Beaver Dam: Round Lake MN; Site of an old logging camp
Old hunting memories
Flow from a Minnesota beaver dam
A prairie sit
Montana photo by Joas Miller
Fine art oil painting by Robert Cummings
Skiing Ruby’s Road; Round Lake
I love it out here in the winter on my skinny skis
Off trail x-c skiing and deer scouting
Inversion, Montana photo by Joas Miller
It was a good morning at bow-camp
Nice shooting, 25 yard at a hard quartering shot
Bill’s ten point
Bill and his archery ten point
How did I get talked into dressing out Bill’s deer?
Ten point in the Willy’s
Now the work begins
Hundred Acre Swamp
Still hunting photo break
Norway stand
Sucker Creek in snow cover
The Christmas Tree Trail
Family Hunting Traditions
Spirit Lake cabin & family deer camp, Vergas, MN
Grandpa’s hunting camp; Vergas, MN
Little Spirit Lake, Vergas, MN
Rattlin horns
Trail cam Nubbin Buck; Bill Berquist
Tamarac Bog; Tamarac Refuge, MN
Father & Son
North Country Trail; Tamarac Refuge, MN
Pine Lake; Tamarac Refuge, MN
Paul Bunyan bike trail near Walker, MN
Long time friend and bow hunting buddy Bill at Round Lake
Early season bow hunting at Round Lake with my buddy & artist Matt
Scenic State Park camping; Nor MN
Blackbird trail; Tamarac Refuge, MN
Beaver pond; MN
Beaver Dam crossing; MN
Back country buck I took still hunting my last year of rifle before my archery journey began; MN
Floating out a buck; Round Lake Township
Floating out a back country buck: Round Lake Township, MN
One Hundred Acre Swamp, MN & floating out a back-country buck
New Biginnings: White Pine; Pikes Bay, MN
White Pine: Pikes Bay; Chippewa National Forest. New beginnings
Whitetail Poet: A Voice In The Wilderness
West-Central MN
The Winger MN, Bakke Farm river bottom land
West-Central, MN. The Bakke Farm
Tamarac National Wildlife Refuge, Minnesota
A successful doe push in the Missouri river hills of South Dakota with my rancher/guide buddy Travis
My first canoe-in bow hunt on Tamarac Lake in the Tamarac Wildlife Refuge, Mn
Mid-morning sun warming up an October bow-hunt along a Nor Minnesota Beaver pond
Bow hunting the North Country Trail, Becker Country, Minnesota
Color Change, Tamarac Wildlife Refuge, Mn
Emerging from the pines, Tamarac Refuge, Mn
Critters from the Deer-Stand
The ‘Narrows’ Deer-Stand view, Round Lake Township, Mn
Photo: Bill Berquist
The Cottage I grew up at, brown cabin to right of white cabin, on Second Bay, Round Lake, Becker County,Mn
Winter Waters Photo: Matt Bernier
Logo by team member Matt Bernier