Traditional vs Compound Archery

Should there be a, versus, in this title?

I have noticed a slight amount of friction between traditional and compound archers. Most guys & gals following this amazing sport are really cool, but there is always a troll, or someone out to prove a point through putting another bow style down. This should not be. With the anti-hunting movement growing against our ancient heratige, we should stand unified in the hunting community and the ethical pursuit of game.

Here is my thought on this rift in the archery world.

I love bow hunting because it allows me to experience my passion for the Whitetail chase in a completely new and personal way. As I keep the art of hunting my priority, it allows me to bypass the arguments of traditional versus compound styles of shooting, and focus on my woodland craft of getting close to a big game animal. With this mindset I can enjoy my own limitations, successes, and failures along with those of my fellow archers, regardless of my weapon of choice.

Lets stand together and remove the, versus, from the archery world. We all have the same goal in mind. To enjoy the exciting world of target shooting or bow hunting with our family and friends.

God bless you in your hunting passion.